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Explore our IVF Success Program1

  • Up to 90% refund if not successful2
  • Includes IVF Treatment Package costs
  • “What I Wish I Knew About IVF”

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  • For IVF, surrogacy, egg / embryo freezing
  • Loans starting at $200 / month3
  • Financing up to $100k
  • Several options (and no commitment)

Meet Sunfish’s Medical Advisors

Dr. Lora Shahine

Fertility Doctor
Stanford; Reproductive Endocrinologist
at Pacific NW Fertility

Dr. Amber Cooper

Fertility Doctor
Chief Medical Officer for Kindbody;
focused on improving IVF outcomes

Dr. Jason Yeh

Fertility Doctor
Duke; Reproductive Endocrinologist at
Houston Fertility Institute

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What people say about us

  • “Talking to Sunfish gave us a lot of hope that we could afford our journey to become parents. We weren’t sure if there were any options available to us and Sunfish helped us learn more about what is out there for couples like us. We’re now much more hopeful for our future.”

    David, intended father through Surrogacy
    Nov 2022
  • “Egg Freezing was a rough process for me, and Sunfish helped. I really underestimated the intensity of it all. Sunfish has helped me build my future family, which is the most profound life’s work you can do.”

    Karry, Egg Freezing Journey
    March 2022
  • “I imagined getting pregnant after one round of IVF and calling it a day. I didn’t realize most patients have to do several full rounds to get pregnant.”

    Sarah Ashley, IVF Patient
    Nov 2022

Nothing feels better than knowing you can try again without having to stress out about HOW you’re going to afford it

IVF is one hell of a journey

It’s emotionally, physically, mentally AND financially draining 😕

We’ve come across many families whose hearts broke the second they saw the cost of their fertility treatments.

If we’re being honest, we got tired of being the ones to break their hearts and decided to find a way help them build their families without breaking the bank or causing them to go into massive debt

That’s when the our baby was born - the Gold IVF Success Program 🏅

A program that allows you to 

🌟 receive up a refund if you’re unsuccessful

🌟 allows you to have an unlimited amount of transfers at NO additional cost

🌟 customizes your plan for YOU

Comment ‘GOLD’ to let us help you build your family 🫶🏻

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❤️ Double tap if you give your uterus a pep talk before your visit with the fertility doctor

Who else is loving Sabrina Carpenter this summer?

Let us know your favorite song in the comments!

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This is for those who see their dreams of becoming parents slipping away because of the price tag.

Not anymore 🙅🏼‍♀️

Our team, with years of experience in the fertility industry, started Sunfish to help families and individuals finance fertility treatments without having to drown in debt.

We’re excited to introduce a game changer - The Gold IVF Success Program.

A refund program offering up to a 90% refund if you aren’t successful in your first cycle.

Why is this revolutionary?

The first round of IVF isn’t always successful. Most patients need 2-4 cycles to get pregnant, totaling between $60k-$120k, not including additional treatments or medications.

IVF can start at $25k and quickly escalate to six figures.

With our IVF refund program, you can use that money to try again.

Sound too good to be true?

Talk to our experts today! Comment ‘GOLD’ to learn more.

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Are there any questions?

Didn’t think so 😌

Comment ‘GOLD’ to learn more about our IVF Success Program and see how you can get more out of your IVF treatments with @joinsunfish !

If you’re not ready to get started just yet, save this for later 😉

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Ever wondered how to be a better support system during your friend’s IVF journey?

It’s a touchy subject because the process itself is exhausting and, sometimes, talking about it over and over again adds onto that exhaustion.

Here’s what you can do ⬇️

🚨 Don’t Assume. What might’ve come easy to you isn’t always the case for everyone else.

Instead, offer a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, if needed. 

🚨 Understand the process. All IVF patients are different. Some may be happy to explain it to you. Others might prefer you do your own research. 

🚨 Being positive isn’t always helpful. Instead of saying “of course it’ll work” try “I’m rooting for you” instead. 

What are some things that have helped you?

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And you won’t be seeing that version of us for quite some time 🙃

How does your partner handle your mood swings?

Let us know in the comments!

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We are passionate about this industry because we are YOU

Our team has worked with hundreds of families and individuals on their family building journey.

We also know first-hand what the journey requires and the rollercoaster of emotions it can be because we’ve gone through it ourselfves.

It’s also the reason why we decided to work hard to come up with our IVF refund program best known as the Gold IVF Success Program🏅

If you’ve gone through the journey, you know many things can come up like medications you didn’t think you’d need or possibly needing more than one round of IVF

⭐️ Our Gold IVF Success Program is designed for patients, like yourself, who migth need more than one round of IVF due to a cycle failing and offers a custom refund of up to 90% if you are not successful.

It’s time to protect your IVF journey with Sunfish

🔗 Click the link in bio or comment ‘GOLD’ to receive a direct link to get started!

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Just another cycle we’re smiling through the physical, mental and emotional pain - NBD 🙂

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Is this you .. again?

It’s tough. 

You’re over the moon excited for those around you fulfilling their dreams of starting a family. 

Yet, you’re also heartbroken af that this month isn’t the month you’re pregnant 

Remember, you’re not alone, and your emotions are completely valid.

Share this with a friend going through the same to remind them they’re not alone.

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They think I’m joking when I say that but I’m not ... 🫣

Let’s be real, IVF treatments will always be pricey, which is why the Gold IVF Success program is the go-to program for many families and individuals that are on their journey to start their families!

🎁 It includes a bunch of goodies you’ll love, but the one that stands out the most is the refund on your IVF treatment, if you qualify and are unsuccessful.

Let us help you cross that finish line with less stress - emotional and financial 🙅🏼‍♀️

Comment ‘GOLD’ to learn more about our IVF refund program and follow @joinsunfish for all things fertility

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Did this hit home for you too?

@uniquely_knitted always has the best messages and that’s because she always breaks down EXACTLY what we’re all feeling

Whether it’s about the journey itself, the grieving and the emotinal rollercoaster that is an IVF journey.

What are some ways you cope with the hardships that come with being on this journey?

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If you are one of the many that’s constantly telling someone to ‘relax,’ you’re going to want to read this ...

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read this. 

That alone lets us know that you want to do better for your loved one(s).

We appreciate the gesture of trying to help, but if we’re being honest ...

It does more harm than good.

What we need is someone who’s a listening ear or a should to cry one.

When we say we’ve heard it all, we mean it and we’re kind of over it.

This is your reminder that the next time you have the want to say something, don’t.

Let your loved one come to you when they’re ready and simply be there for them.


the team at Sunfish 🧡

🎥: waitingforababe (TT)

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Just getting started?

Feel free to schedule a chat with us – even if it’s just 5 minutes! We would love to help you plan for affording your journey to parenthood!

  1. Sunfish Gold Program is only available to patients at participating clinics. Contact us to learn more.
  2. As part of the Sunfish Gold Membership Program, Sunfish provides a Custom Financial Plan using Sunfish’s proprietary software that calculates the expected financial costs for each family to achieve Pregnancy based on a range of factors. If you fail to achieve Pregnancy within your custom financial plan budget and there are unexpected financial costs that were not accurately predicted by the Financial Planning Tool, our software Warranty (the “Warranty”) may entitle you to receive a partial refund of your total treatment package costs depending on the extent of inaccuracy of our software. “Pregnancy” is defined as graduating from your fertility clinic to an OB, around the 10 week mark. “Inaccuracy” is defined as underestimation of Treatment Package Costs as defined in our Sunfish Gold Membership Program Agreement. Additional costs may be incurred outside of the Treatment Package Costs. See our Sunfish Gold Membership Program Agreement for details.
  3. For an example loan of $10,000 at 13% APR over 72 months. Your actual terms may vary. Rates range from 6.99 to 35.99%. Loan terms offered by Sunfish’s lending partners.