Financial Solutions for all journeys
to parenthood

Whether you’re exploring IVF, surrogacy, egg freezing, or another path to parenthood, Sunfish can offer guidance and help you explore low-interest loans.

We believe everyone who
wants to build a family
should be able to afford it.

1 in 6

Aspiring Parents need support to build their families. Yet the cost to do so varies widly based on unique factors.


Our model is based on input from experts who collectively had over 70,000 conversations with intended parents over 25 years.

5 Types

We support 5 types of journeys:
Egg freezing, embryo preservation, IVF, egg donor journeys, surrogacy — and any combination!

We can help you build a custom plan and recommend trusted partners

to help you achieve your goals,
whatever they may be.

Our Offerings

Our mission is to make the journey to parenthood financially attainable for everyone.

We know the assisted reproduction process can be difficult — we aim to simplify the financial piece.

Financing options at your fingertips

Many possible cost savings

Dedicated financial advocates

How Sunfish Helps

Journeys to parenthood vary wildly, and so do the associated costs.

Sunfish helps aspiring parents build a custom plan and then recommends trusted partners to help achieve it.

Just getting started?

Our Sunfish financial advocates are available to chat and help you plan or discover providers that could be well-suited for your needs. We also offer a calculator that can help you project the total cost of your intended journey to parenthood.

LGBTQIA+ Parenthood

We proudly work with groups that offer educational resources and support for aspiring LGBTQIA+ parents. Our platform is built on the experience of partnering with thousands of families and hundreds of clinics across the U.S.

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What our clients
say about us

  • “Talking to Sunfish gave us a lot of hope that we could afford our journey to become parents.

    We weren’t sure if there were any options available to us and Sunfish helped us learn more about what is out there for couples like us. We’re now much more hopeful for our future.”

    David, intended father through Surrogacy
    Nov 2022
  • “Egg Freezing was a rough process for me, and Sunfish helped.

    I really underestimated the intensity of it all. Sunfish has helped me build my future family, which is the most profound life’s work you can do.”

    Karry, Egg Freezing Journey
    March 2022
  • “Thank you so much for helping me understanding the costs.

    Sunfish helped me get started with a surrogacy journey. You are so awesome! I felt really overwhelmed trying to figure out how much everything would cost until I found Sunfish.”

    Veronica, intended mother through Surrogacy
    Aug 2022