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The current effective date of this Lending Guide is the Effective Date. The Lending Guide is a part of, and subject to the terms and conditions of, the Sunfish Participation Agreement signed between Sunfish and participating Companies (the “Agreement”). An up-to-date version is maintained at joinsunfish.com/lendingguide.

This Lending Guide sets for the terms of Sunfish’s lending program to offer financing for intended parents for their fertility journey.

Eligible Patients: Sunfish or its lending partners will review borrower qualifications and determine if Patients are Eligible Patients for Loans. Sunfish’s Lending Partners include any banks, capital market providers, or partner lenders that work with Sunfish. Sunfish or its lending partners will offer loans for Reproductive Services to Eligible Patients. Those who qualify and accept will be issued a loan from Sunfish or its lending partners. Not all loan options are
available in all regions. Borrowers must reside in the United States. Sunfish or its lending partners have the right to change its borrower qualifications as needed.

1. Loan Terms, Pricing, and Fees

a. The Loan amount may be up to $100,000
b. A Sunfish Borrower Membership fee for certain additional services may be
c. The Loan term may range from 24 to 180 months.

2. Sunfish or its lending partners will provide up-to-date rates and fees, including the Annual Percentage Interest Rates (APR) on such Loans and Lines of Credit, to Patients during Sunfish’s financial evaluation of Patients. Currently rates start at 6.10% APR (with Discounts).

3. Not all products are available in all markets.

4. This is not a commitment or offer to lend; all borrowers must meet the qualifications of Sunfish and its partner lenders.

5. For borrowers that do not qualify for the above terms, Sunfish may offer borrowers additional options.

6. Fees: Borrower membership fees for Reproductive Services may be waived for certain Patients based on Sunfish’s internal policies and guidelines.

7. Permissible Purpose Covered Services and Exclusions. Permissible services include: In Vitro Fertilization services and related costs, fertility preservation, gestational surrogacy and related costs, related legal costs. Medication obtained at a participating pharmacy is included. External genetic testing (PGT testing) is not currently financed, unless Company includes this pricing as part of a package deal. Third party fees for gestational carriers and egg donors are excluded. Funds may be transmitted directly to the Company on behalf of the Sunfish Borrower.

8. Amendments to this Lending Guide. Sunfish will make available written policies, procedures, guidelines and instructions regarding the loans to patients including guidelines that must be followed by the Company. Sunfish may change this Lending Guide at any time in its sole discretion and shall update such changes online at https://joinsunfish.com/lendingguide. Company shall access the Lending Guide regularly to check for any changes.

9. Annual Renewals and Termination. The terms of this Lending Guide shall be in effect unless providers are informed of any changes with at least five (5) business days written notice. This program may be terminated by either party pursuant to the termination section of the Agreement.