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  • 4 Steps to Budget for your 2023 Journey to Parenthood

    4 Steps to Budget for your 2023 Journey to Parenthood

    If your path to parenthood requires a financial investment, here are 4 tips to help you plan your budget. One of the most important steps on your parenthood journey is financially planning so that each step of the process is manageable and predictable.  1. Determine your family building goals Is your goal to have one…

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  • Financial Planning for LGBTQIA+ Intended Parents

    Financial Planning for LGBTQIA+ Intended Parents

    Photo by Mercedes Mehling While the Respect for Marriage Act passed in December, there is still more work needed to ensure equitable access to family building for all types of families. Below are suggestions unique to the LGBTQIA+ community as it relates to financially planning for parenthood.  Financial Planning for LGBTQIA+ Intended Parents 1. Plan…

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  • Improve Your Credit Score

    Improve Your Credit Score

    Photo by Scott Graham At Sunfish, we believe everyone who wants to build a family should be able to afford it. We estimate that 80% of intended parents are interested in financial support or parenthood loans but don’t know where to start.  This month, we are sharing tips on an important component of obtaining a low…

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Financially Planning for IVF: Boston IVF’s New Refund Program

Join Sunfish and Boston IVF to learn about how they are working together to offer a new refund program to help you financially plan for IVF, with a custom refund if you don’t achieve pregnancy.

Sep 2023

The Cost of Surrogacy

Join Sunfish and Surrogate First to learn more about the cost of surrogacy and potential solutions and help. We’ll discuss how much does surrogacy really cost, an overview of the surrogacy process, factors that influence the cost, and how to pay for it.

June 2023

Affording Ongoing Surrogacy Payments in the Current Economy

Join financial experts from Sunfish and our partner Circle Surrogacy for 30-minutes as we dive in and discuss how one can afford ongoing surrogacy payments in the current economy.

Apr 2023

Surrogacy Costs and How to Afford It

Learn more about fixed and variable costs with your surrogacy journey and how to afford it. Webinar with Circle Surrogacy and Sunfish.

Jan 2023

Egg Donation What You Need to Know about Affording it

Join Sunfish and Donor Concierge for an Instagram Live to learn more about egg donation and how to afford it.

Nov 2022

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost Queer Men and How to Pay for It?

Learn more about affording your surrogacy journey with Sunfish and Gays with Kids.

Oct 2022