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Gold IVF Success Program

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Plan your financial journey

    Our goal is to help you become pregnant.

    We designed the Sunfish IVF Success Program to bring you support throughout every step of your fertility journey – and a refund of up to 90% if you are not successful.

    With this program you’ll experience personalized financial plans, expert guidance and a wealth of resources that extend beyond the exam room. From conquering IVF anxiety to mastering egg retrieval prep, we’re with you every step of the way.

    Your journey to parenthood is our priority.

    “Sunfish’s Gold IVF Program is a great option for anyone who is looking for peace of mind as they pursue IVF– this program can help them reduce their financial stress with extra assurance.”

    How it works

    Illustrative example

    IVF Success ProgramWithout Sunfish
    Total Cost$25,000
    1 retrieval + embryo creation + unlimited transfers
    Approximate Cost
    Refund (if applicable)Up to 90%
    of Treatment Package Costs
    Cost after RefundAs low as $7,450$24,000
    This is an illustrative example only and may not represent your payment terms. Pricing specific to clinic. Contact us to learn more and to obtain actual pricing.

    IVF Success Program criteria

    • Medical screening with your clinic is required for eligibility and enrollment.2
    • Medical services must be provided by a participating Sunfish provider
    • Embryo recipient: 42 and under
    • Egg source: 40 and under
    • Sperm source: 55 and under
    • Additional biomarkers (contact us for more)

    How do I afford IVF?

    We would love to help! Schedule a chat below to learn more about how to afford IVF and plan for your journey.

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    What people say about us

    • “Talking to Sunfish gave us a lot of hope that we could afford our journey to become parents. We weren’t sure if there were any options available to us and Sunfish helped us learn more about what is out there for couples like us. We’re now much more hopeful for our future.”

      David, intended father through Surrogacy
      Nov 2022
    • “Egg Freezing was a rough process for me, and Sunfish helped. I really underestimated the intensity of it all. Sunfish has helped me build my future family, which is the most profound life’s work you can do.”

      Karry, Egg Freezing Journey
      March 2022
    • “I imagined getting pregnant after one round of IVF and calling it a day. I didn’t realize most patients have to do several full rounds to get pregnant.”

      Sarah Ashley, IVF Patient
      Nov 2022

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    • 1. As part of the Sunfish IVF Success Program, Sunfish provides a Custom Financial Plan using Sunfish’s proprietary software that calculates the expected financial costs for each family to achieve Pregnancy based on a range of factors. If you fail to achieve Pregnancy within your custom financial plan budget and there are unexpected financial costs that were not accurately predicted by the Financial Planning Tool, our software Warranty (the “Warranty”) may entitle you to receive a partial refund of your total treatment package costs depending on the extent of inaccuracy of our software. “Pregnancy” is defined as graduating from your fertility clinic to an OB, around the 10 week mark. “Inaccuracy” is defined as underestimation of Treatment Package Costs as defined in our Sunfish IVF Success Program Agreement. Additional costs may be incurred outside of the Treatment Package Costs. See our Sunfish IVF Success Program Agreement for details.
    • All interested participants in the Sunfish IVF Success Program must complete a required physical evaluation by an eligible IVF Clinic. Our software is limited to certain data and therefore the Sunfish IVF Success Program and Financial Planning Tool is only available to qualified applicants.