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About Us.
Our Mission & Values

Many journeys to parenthood are expensive and often not covered by insurance. As a result, parenthood in the US is still inaccessible to aspiring parents who deserve the opportunity to build their families.

  • Sunfish’s mission is to make the journey to parenthood financially attainable for everyone.
  • Our goal is to democratize the access to the family building resources that historically have been available to those with larger financial resources.

What we believe

Understanding your fertility now gives you more options later. Our healthcare system is inherently reactive, and fertility is no different.
“Just wait and see” isn’t good enough.

Reproductive freedom

We believe freedom includes reproductive freedom – that means we have a responsibility to help provide information, access, and affordability to family building.


Financial fluency & literacy

We believe in financial fluency & literacy. We help everyone understand the costs, the options, and the road to parenthood.


Getting results

Some intended parents may find themselves at the end of costly — emotionally and financially — processes with an empty wallet and an empty cradle. The current system isn’t always aligned with outcomes.


What we value

Empathy & simplicity

We know this process is emotional and complex, so we aim to offer clear and simple solutions and recommendations.

Financial literacy

Transparent tools and advice, always. We strive for auditability and honesty every step of the way.


We are an evolving and ever-growing platform, always innovating new offerings to actualize our vision of creating a world with equitable family building and care.

Who we are

We have been there – and we’ll stick with you each step of the way on your path through parenthood. Our team has personal experience working with IVF, egg retrievals, adoption and many alternative ways of family building.

Our CEO, Angela Rastegar, was previously on the leadership team of a surrogacy agency and egg bank, where she helped hundreds of couples and individuals explore assisted reproduction.

Through this work, she saw first hand the gap in financial resources for those pursuing parenthood. Bringing together a team of individuals who have deep expertise in technology, financial literacy, consumer lending, and more, Sunfish is one of the first platforms to focus on affording the entire parenthood journey.