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How much would it cost Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to have a baby?

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We’re pretty sure the internet would break if there was Taylor or Travis junior, but hypothetically, let’s imagine a world where the powerhouse duo of Swift and Kelce want to build a family. What would they need to think about? 

While we’re not here to stir up any rumors, we’ll explore the scenarios and the potential costs associated with such a high-profile couple starting a family. 

Both Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are at the height of their professional careers. Fresh off her historic fourth win for Album of the Year at the Grammys, Taylor Swift is passing the spotlight to her boyfriend Travis Kelce as he prepares for the Super Bowl. 

If our dreams of a junior Taylor or Travis do come true, they’d have five options:

  • Timed intercourse (trying naturally)
  • IUI
  • Freezing eggs for later use
  • IVF
  • Egg donor / Surrogacy

Due to their professional commitments, egg freezing could be a great option. The data shows that women who freeze their eggs under 35  have higher success rates. At 34, Taylor Swift might consider freezing her eggs before her birthday (if she hasn’t already). The cost of egg freezing (around $10,000 – $17,000 plus storage fees) is often a barrier for many young women, but if you don’t have the resources that Swift has, you can use a loan through Sunfish to get started.

If Taylor and Travis aren’t able to conceive naturally, data estimates they’d need 2-3 rounds of IVF at 34 years old. While infertility impacts 1 in 6 Americans, we certainly hope this isn’t something that Taylor and Travis would have to navigate.

What would be the financial investment required for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to bring their hypothetical bundle of joy into the world? 

Let’s look at each option.

IUI: $300-$1,000

IUI is the least expensive option for people having a hard time getting pregnant naturally. IUI works by placing sperm cells directly into your uterus around the time you’re ovulating. This helps the sperm get closer to the egg. Although the procedure is usually under $1000, most couples try about 3 times.

Freezing eggs: $13,000 – 22,000

This assumes 5 years of storage if Taylor and Travis wanted to have a baby when they were both 39 years old.

IVF: $60,000 – $81,000

This assumes it will take 3 cycles for Taylor to get pregnant via IVF. This is the average chance of success, so Taylor and Travis’ biology could impact how many rounds of IVF it ends up taking.

Surrogacy:  $115,000 – $220,000

Surrogacy is the most expensive journey, but many famous celebrities have chosen this path to fulfill their dream of family building while working. Others, such as Kim Kardashian, opted for surrogacy due to previous high risk pregnancies.


Some states require insurance to cover some of the costs of infertility treatment. While Kansas (home of Travis Kelce) is not a mandated state, New York (where Swift has a permanent residence) does mandate that health insurance companies cover some of the costs of infertility treatment. However, as a independent performer, Swift likely won’t have coverage through an employer plan and would be on her own.


Despite Taylor Swift’s net worth of 1.1 billion, it’s not uncommon for individuals with ample disposable income to utilize financing. Savvy individuals often see loans as a valuable financial tool even when they have cash readily available.


At Sunfish, we work hard to provide financial tools and resources in order to increase accessibility across socioeconomic backgrounds. We envision a world where alternative pathways to parenthood are accessible  for all, not only the rich and famous. 

As we navigate the hypothetical journey of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce starting a family, the costs and financial considerations help illustrate what options are available. Influencers such as Chrissy Teigen, Gabrielle Union, and Priyanka Chopra are using their platforms to normalize IVF and surrogacy, shedding light on the emotional realities, diverse paths to parenthood, and challenges faced by many. Even former first lady Michelle Obama has shared how she felt ‘lost and alone’ going through her fertility journey. This open dialogue paves the way for a more inclusive and supportive future for all families, regardless of how they’re built. 

We would be so excited to welcome a junior Taylor or Travis into the world!

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